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      Sales Department

      Financial Services

      Administration and Support

      Lot Attendants and Detailers

      Carter Friesen

      Photo of Carter Friesen Sales Lot Attendant

      Mark Ritual

      Photo of Mark Ritual Service Detailer

      Noah Vendramelli

      Photo of Noah Vendramelli Service Detailer

      Service Department

      Ryan Hanuschuk

      Photo of Ryan Hanuschuk Shop Foreman

      Chris Aguinaldo

      Photo of Chris Aguinaldo Accessories Installer

      Chris Huynh

      Photo of Chris Huynh Technician, Licensed Red Seal

      Jan Ferrer

      Photo of Jan Ferrer Technician, Licensed Red Seal

      Kwai Hoi (Victor) Yeung

      Photo of Kwai Hoi (Victor) Yeung Technician, Apprentice Level 2

      Lawrence Santioque

      Photo of Lawrence Santioque Technician, Lube & Maintenance

      Marc Alcaraz

      Photo of Marc Alcaraz Technician, Licensed Red Seal

      Melchor Quibuyen

      Photo of Melchor Quibuyen Technician, Licensed Red Seal

      Renzs Salangsang

      Photo of Renzs Salangsang Technician, Apprentice Level 3

      Yuha (Harvey) Kim

      Photo of Yuha (Harvey) Kim Technician, Lube & Maintenance

      Parts Department

      Ryan Dacillo

      Photo of Ryan Dacillo Parts Shipper/Receiver