Rory Egan

Photo of Rory Egan General Manager Contact

Eric Remillard

Photo of Eric Remillard Sales Manager Contact

Nader Naseri

Photo of Nader Naseri Sales Manager Contact

Carl Realica

Photo of Carl Realica Fixed Operations Manager Contact

Lee Okabe

Photo of Lee Okabe General Finance Manager Contact

Rob Kurnyek

Photo of Rob Kurnyek Parts Manager Contact

Sales Department

Braden Howard

Photo of Braden Howard Sales Consultant Contact

Jennifer Jones

Photo of Jennifer Jones Sales Consultant Contact

Josh Watkins

Photo of Josh Watkins Sales Consultant Contact

Karim Ghafuri

Photo of Karim Ghafuri Sales Consultant Contact

Mark Miller

Photo of Mark Miller Sales Consultant Contact

Administration and Support

Chelsea Smith

Photo of Chelsea Smith Sales Administrator Contact

Callen Pearson

Photo of Callen Pearson Sales Lot Attendant

Service Department

Lyle Nay

Photo of Lyle Nay Service Consultant Contact

Sydney Malanowich

Photo of Sydney Malanowich Service Consultant Contact

Tommy White

Photo of Tommy White Service Consultant Contact

John Herrera

Photo of John Herrera Shop Foreman

Chris Aguinaldo

Photo of Chris Aguinaldo Accessories Installer

Eris Ambagan

Photo of Eris Ambagan Apprentice Technician

Jan Ferrer

Photo of Jan Ferrer Apprentice Technician

John Bulos

Photo of John Bulos Apprentice Technician

Marc Alcaraz

Photo of Marc Alcaraz Service Detailer

Nason Malixi

Photo of Nason Malixi Service Detailer

Ryan Hanuschuk

Photo of Ryan Hanuschuk Technician

Parts Department

Brianne Talavera

Photo of Brianne Talavera Parts Consultant Contact

Brittany Kolba

Photo of Brittany Kolba Parts Consultant Contact

Birchwood Kia West

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